Frequently asked questions

Who can be a traveler


When and how to publish my route

Once you have defined journey whether by car, train or plane, for increase the chances of delivering a parcel to an applicant, You will need to open an account and publish the ride on our site for free.

What proof of delivery should I have.

The applicant indicates the address and the name of the person who must receive the package. Obtaining a signature as proof of delivery is sufficient.

How should I set the fees for my service and how much I will earn

The delivery costs paid by the applicant are based on weight and destination. traveler must set a friendly price to be competitive with others One way to do this is to compare the price with others The traveller's gain represents 65% of the fees paid by the applicant. This amount will be directly sent to the account of your choice once the delivery has been confirmed on our website.

Can I deliver several requests on the same route?

Yes, if the space available on your route allows.

Where should i deliver the package?

The package is delivered to the address given by the requester when possible for the traveler to do so. Otherwise, the traveler must specify on the published route which meeting would suit him. Example: airport, train station, etc.