Frequently asked questions

Who can be an applicant?

Anyone can send a parcel through our site if they find a route that corresponds to his itinerary. People who want to move can publish their request for journey and we will find them the person who can help them. Businesses can send packages through our traveler network as well as the details.

How to find a route and when to request it

You can find a route by opening a free account on our website and by clicking on the find a route tab. To make a request click on the corresponding route. It will be necessary to check regularly if a route coincides with your need. You can also publish a route request.

What is the guarantee for my package to be delivered?

The applicant and the traveler are usually in the same city and will get to know each other when the applicant forwards the package to the traveler. The claimant knows the address of the traveler and this is what constitutes a delivery guarantee. As for the loss or damage caused to the package during the journey, the claimant's package will normally be covered by the traveler's travel insurance.

How can I pay the service bill

You can pay online by PayPal or a visa card.

If a trip is canceled, will I be entitled to a refund?

Yes, when the trip is canceled by the traveler, you will be entitled to a refund of your entire payment minus PayPal or bank charges.

But if you cancel a request that had been made but not yet shipped for one reason or another. You will be reimbursed at 50%.

Will my package be delivered to the address indicated on my request?

Yes if it is possible for the traveler, in case it is not possible for the traveler it should mention it on his journey published on the website. In general, you have to that the requester specifies on his request the name and telephone number of the person to whom the package must be delivered.